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ITA's Technology Forum - Shared screen with speaker view
Kaylin Berg, 1871/ITA
Welcome all! For those that may have missed our housekeeping remarks, to help with making connections today as Betsy encouraged, please take a moment to rename yourself using the three dots either on your video feed or in the participant list to include your full name and company. If you have any questions for Mark and Duane, you can also enter those here.
Kendall Hall
Question: How do you handle the variation around OLTP requirements vs OLAP requirements?
Kerry Comstock
What is the difference between traditional segmentation and micro-segmentation?
Andy Freivogel, Science Retail
We're an early stage company with a customer in California. At what point do we need to audit our CCPA compliance?
Kaylin Berg, 1871/ITA
Just a couple minutes left in our break, until we reconvene at 10!
Kaylin Berg, 1871/ITA
If you have any questions for Alex, please feel free to enter them here in the chat!
Anand Setty
I always wonder why pfishing emails have bad spelling and grammar?
Kaylin Berg, 1871/ITA
Hi all - if you have questions for Vinnie and Crystal, please feel free to enter them here in the chat. Also, be sure to stick around through the end as we’ll have some time for networking and group discussion.
Thank you for using a 3-gear visual that actually works. :-D